Borghese Gallery Tour


Borghese Gallery Tour

Cost of the tour

⇒  From 1 to 4 persons:

150 € totally + tickets



  • skip the line included
  • due to limitations given by the management of Borghese Gallery, our groups cannot be larger than 4 persons
  • customer care service to help you during the booking process
  • professional local and licensed English speaking guides

Practical info

  • duration: 2,5 hours
  • entrance tickets cost 18 euro each
  • private tours time: 9.30 and 14.30
  • the tours includes: Bernini and Canova’s statues; Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian’s paintings; Mosaic of the Gladiators


  • you can pay the tour cash at the end of the tour OR you can pay soon by credit card (important: there is a 5% extra fee on credit card payments)
  • in case of credit card payments, we’ll send you via-email a safe payment request that will allow you to use your card.

Tour extended description


The tour includes

Bernini's statues for cardinal Borghese

  • Apollo and Dafne
    An handsome god running after a virgin nymph. Her scream of desperation to be saved. Her fingers becoming leaves and her feet becoming roots. Have you ever be dumped by a girl? Well…this is by far the most serious reject ever! And a young Bernini was able to turn it into the most beautiful marble statue of the world: Apollo and Dafne.
  • Pluto and Proserpina
    The most scary and crazy smiling god’s face. A tear dropping from a lady’s face while she is going to be kidnapped by the god of the Underworld. His hand on her thigh is the most violent and real thing you will ever see during your entire life on a marble sculpture. Something that can shock you and make you fall in love al the same time: Bernini’s marble Rape of Proserpina.
  • The David and few other marble highlights
    Bernini’s own portrait on the resoluted face of the small great David while killing Golia. The seductive body of a naked voluptuous lady symbolizing the Truth. The strong Trojan hero Enea escaping from his city on fire with his own father and son. The marble portrait of cardinal Scipio Borghese made by Bernini just in three days after that the first portrait fractured. The most beautiful paperweight of Rome, portraing Pope Paul V Borghese. So many Bernini’s masterpieces will leave you breathless!

Caravaggio's Paintings

  • The scandals of Caravaggio’s paintings
    Who was the only painter of Italy able to paint Virgin Mary wearing a revealing dress, portraing Saint Ann like she was an old poor woman and representing St.John the Baptist like an almost totally naked boy? Caravaggio was scandalous in most of his works. Works officially rejected by their buyer and then secretly purchased by powerful men. Like the Madonna dei Palafrenieri, bought by cardinal Scipio inspite of the scandals.
  • Caravaggio must die
    What a crazy and adventurous life! In 1606 Caravaggio killed a man and was sentenced to be beheaded. After 4 years in exile, in order to be pardoned, he sent to the Pope a painting representing David holding the cut head of Golia. What’s wrong with it? Golia’s head is Caravaggio’s portrait! Did he get his pardon? Come to Rome and see…

Other wonders

  • Raphael and Titian
    What if we say that Raphael’s Lady with Unicorn was originally holding a dog? What if we say that in Raphael’s Deposition Jesus was a noble man killed during a scuffle? What if we say that Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love can be considered a representation of the discriminating society of the Renaissance? The Borghese Gallery is not always what it seems…
  • Canova and Napoleon’s family
    A sexy half-naked brilliant powerful lady lying on a couch. Canova reached such a level of perfection when he sculpted on marble the portrait of “the-most-powerful-man-of-the-world’s” sister: Paolina Bonaparte. Her husband, Camillo Borghese, commissioned a virginal, innocent, chaste Diana. Paolina disagreed. Canova obeyed her.
  • The Mosaic of the Gladiators
    How do we know that the ancient gladiator Alumnus won his fight, while his colleague Calumorius died? Where do we see the hunter Serpeniius killing a tiger while Bellerefons stabbed Cupido? The Borghese Gallery floor is covered with some of the most beautiful ancient mosaics of Rome, representing gladiators fights. Like a violent ancient comic book with super heroes fighting the bad guys. The only problem? Here we do not know who the bad guys are!

Your guide: Simone

  • professional local guide
  • 10 years of experience
  • a PhD in Archaeology
  • great reviews for his kids friendly and family friendly tours


  • “The best tour guide we’ve ever had!” by Alex I, New York City, New Yourk
  • “Simone of Rome Things Tour is the best!!” (by Susan P, Jacksonville, Florida)
  • “Booking a tour with Simone and his company is a must” (by Tp1232015, Louisville, Colorado)
  • “Ancient Rome Came Alive with Simone” (by KAM_Trave, Boston, Massachusetts)


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  • Meeting point: In fron the entrance of the Borghese Gallery Museum
  • Includes: guide; entrance tickets; skip the line
  • Price: 150 € for the whole group + tickets