Colosseum for Kids (2 hours) Tour

Colosseum for Kids (2 hours) Tour

Cost of the tour

⇒  From 1 to 3 persons:

150 € totally + tickets

⇒  From 4 to 6 persons:

200 € totally + tickets

⇒  From 7 to 10 persons:

290 € totally + tickets


  • skip the line included
  • customer care service to help you during the booking process
  • professional local and licensed English speaking kids-friendly guides

Practical info

  • duration: 2 hours
  • entrance tickets cost from 18 to 24 euro, according to the typology available at the time of the booking. Under 18 pay only 4 euro.
  • private tours time: 9.00 and 14.30 (on winter time only morning tours are available)
  • departure times can change according to the entrance tickets availabilty


  • you can pay the tour cash at the end of the tour OR you can pay soon by credit card (important: there is a 5% extra fee on credit card payments)
  • in case of credit card payments, we’ll send you via-email a safe payment request that will allow you to use your card.

The Tour includes

Colosseum Ground Level
Colosseum Second Level
Arch of Constantine
Arch of Titus and the Menorah
Via Sacra and its monuments
Ancient Roman Forum

Tour extended description

  • Colosseum Ground level
    Like a coloring book, your kids will be able to fill the ground level galleries of the Colosseum with people from every country of the Empire. Colorful clothes, different languages, bad smell covered by strong oriental scents. They will get lost while looking for an ancient latrine,  reading the Senator’s names on their VIP sits or climbing the wrong stair to get the second level
  • A view on the Arena
    Your kids will fall in love with the exhibit of wild animals bones that fought in the ancient Arena: horses, lions, wildboars, bears, elephants. And they will be intrigued by the reconstructions of the ancient machineries like if they were made of LEGO. Facing the Arena from a higher level, they will be able to visualize by their amazing imagination the fights on the arena better than any adult. Morning wild animals huntings, mid-day public executions of criminals, afternoon gladiator-vs-galdiator duels. The screaming of the crowd saving or killing the heroes of the Colosseum. The musicians underlining the critical moments of the show. This is a world for kids! We have just to make it a little less violent and cruel than it really was…and it will be totally kids-friendly!
  • Arch of Constantine
    It doesn’t matter if your kids are 5, 10 or 15 years old. The propaganda shows of the Ancient Roman Empire were for all the ages! Thousand of soldiers marching through the Arch of Constantine, displaying the war-booty they stole and the slaves they collected. Soldiers screams, shield-against-shield, beating their feet on the ground, for a show that was repeated tens of times in the Roman history: the military triumph. Your kids will love it…once again: they are the only ones having the imagination to live that experience truly!

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  • Meeting point: Beside the green newsstand outside the metro station
  • Includes: guide; entrance tickets; skip the line
  • Price: 180 € for the whole group + tickets