Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum Tour


Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum Tour

84 € per person (small group - max 8 people)

109 € per person (totally private tour)

entrance tickets included

skip the line included

- duration: 4 hours

- summer departure times: 9.30 and 14.30

- winter departure times: only 9.30

- booking for minimum 2 persons

- customer care service to help you during the booking process

- professional English speaking guides

- pay at the end of the tour (no pre-payments required)

- the tours includes: Colosseum ground level; Colosseum second level; Arch of Constantine; Arch of Titus; via Sacra; Ancient Roman Forum + PALATINE HILL

Tour Extended Description

  • colosseum_seatsColosseum Arena level
    Use the skip-the-line Senator’s entrance and reach your seat. It’s time for the lunch-time public executions! Take a plate with some bread and pork-meat and watch people dying in orrible ways. Soon after, your heroes come out and make a presentation: it’s time for the afternoon gladiators fights. Spears and swords, shields and fishing-nets, helmets and arrows. Your screaming will save them or kill them! Blood and sand on the stage…the show has begun.
  • Colosseum_TourColosseum Second level
    Use the modern elevator (similar to the ancient ones…nothins has changed!) and get the secon level to admire the ancient grapphiti written by the spectators on the marble seat: a gladiator killing a lion by a spear…a tiger jumping on a group of fighers closed in a corner. Reach the viewpoint and visualize the arena ready to be flooded for a naval battle (some people says it happened…some people denies it…who knows? History is not a science!).
  • arch_of_constantine_2Arch of Constantine
    Think of thousands of soldiers walking through a main road, screaming andbeating their feet on the basalt stones. They carry gold, silver, jewels stolen in a country they just devastated and conquered. The push forward thousands of almost-naked slaves in chains. They walk through the Arch of Constantine, built 1700 years ago to celebrate the victorious Emperor that legalized Christianity. Even if it is one of the last triumphal marble arches built in ancient Rome, it is by far the best preserved one and the most important for a number of reasons (to be discovered together!).
  • palatine_hillImperial Palace
    The Ceasars of Rome lived in a gigantic building on the Palatine Hill top. Climb te hill and take a picture of the Stadium, a gigantic ancient PlayStation where the ancient Emperors could relax watching private charriot races and gladiator fights. Visualize the amazing frescoes and mosaic floors of the Private House (or “Domus Augustana”) walking through the emperors secret places. Meet the Chief of the World in the Royal Hall (the Aula Regia) in the Public Palace (or “Domus Flavia”) to make an important political decision.
  • Tiberius’ Palace and the most beautiful Panoramic View ever
    Smell the flowers in the Renaissance garden made above the Tiberius Palace, with its orange, lemon, palm and olive trees. And finally enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of the Rome, facing the whole ancient city: from the Capitoline hill to the Ancient Forum, from the Arch of Titus to the Colosseum. And take a picture you will remember forever!
  • arch_of_titus_menorahArch of Titus
    71 AD: the future emperor Titus takes and destroy the city of Jerusalem. About 90.000 Jewish slaves are taken to Rome. One of the largest war booty ever was collected by Titus and used to sponsor the building of the Colosseum and the new Imperial Palace. The ancient Menorah was exibithed in the Forum of the Peace and stood there for hundreds of years. All these horrible but very critical stories in a singe marble arch in the middle of the city.
  • Via Sacra and the Temple of Antoninus
    Walk along the main street of the Ancient Forum and do the best shopping ever: Chinese silk, Indian spices, Persian textiles, central Asian precious stone. Or simply: sandals, clothes, duts, wine, beer, honey or salt. Be astonished by the beauty of the best preserved temple of the city (after the Pantheon), where the Emperor Antoninus and his wife were worshipped as gods.
  • The main gathering-place of the ancient world
    Ancient Roman people did not have TV or talks shows or internet or smartphones. If they were looking for news from the world, for gossip and scandalous stories. If they wanted to be updated about the Sentator’s political activities or the last gladiator’s fights in the Colosseum. If they wanted to meet friends (or enemies!) and be a living part of the history of Rome, they all went to the Ancient Roman Forum, the most ancient Search Engine of the world!
  • Capitoline Hill
    You can climb the hill at the end of the tour. Why? To take more impressive pictures of the Forum area from another perspective. To visit the oldest Ancient Museum ever built (the Capitoline Museum). Or just to admire Michelangelo’s genius in the square on the hilltop.