Pantheon Tour with a PhD Archaeologist

Pantheon Tour with a PhD Archaeologist

Cost of the tour

⇒  22 € per person 

⇒  Small Group (max 8 people) tours

⇒  35 € per person 

⇒  Totally Private tours (customizable)

  • booking for minimum 2 persons


  • entrance tickets to the Pantheon included
  • customer care service to help you during the booking process
  • only professional licensed English speaking guides with a PhD or Master in Archaeology

Practical info

  • duration: 1 hour
  • departure times: 8.30; 9.00; 13.30; 14.00; 18.00; 18.30 (according to our guides availabilities)
  • the tour doesn’t run on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning (when the Pantheon is closed)
  • you can pay the tour cash at the end of the tour or you can pay now by credit card (as you wish)
  • the tours includes: Pantheon (inside); Pantheon (outside); 

Tour extended description

The Pantheon (inside and outside)
A magic ancient round temple converted into a Chirsitan church. The most impressive self-standing concrete dome of the world. An “oculus” for the sun to shine inside the monument. A perfect asronomical orientation. One of the few monuments from the Ancient Roman Empire that still stands perfectly preserved after 1900 years. The Pantheon is a unique experience, a time travel, the best way to understand the glorious engineering skill of the ancient world. By far our favourite monument in the world.

Our guide will lead you into another world, built by engineers that were not afraid of anything: earthquakes, fires, invasions, floods, environment, time passing. Their buildings were made to last forever. And the Pantheon is the practical demonstration that they stood!

The guide will explain you the meaning of this amazing cosmic temple; the technology they used to transport its massive granite columns from Egypt to Rome; the way the sun was moving through the temple according to the day-time and the season; how the most ancient standing concrete dome can still stand and how they built it; why the Pantheon was not buried underground (while the rest of the city was).

Dozens of questions and dozens of answer, to better understand one of the most incredibile ancient monuments of the world.

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  • Includes: tour guide, entrance tickets to the Pantheon
  • Price: 22 € per person