Best of Rome (Pantheon, Trevi and more)


Best of Rome (Pantheon, Trevi and more)

Cost of the tour

⇒  From 1 to 3 persons:

90 € totally

⇒  From 4 to 6 persons:

120 € totally

⇒  From 7 to 10 persons:

160 € totally


  • skip the line included
  • customer care service to help you during the booking process
  • professional local and licensed English speaking guides

Practical info

  • duration: 3 hours
  • no tickets needed for this tour
  • private tours time: 9.30 and 15.00
  • the tours includes: Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, Palazzo Farnese, Palazzo della Cancelleria


  • you can pay the tour cash at the end of the tour OR you can pay soon by credit card (important: there is a 5% extra fee on credit card payments)
  • in case of credit card payments, we’ll send you via-email a safe payment request that will allow you to use your card.
  • the tour can also include food tasting on request (coffee, pizza or ice-cream) (NOT included in the cost of the tour)

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Tour extended description



  • trevi-1Trevi Fountain
    Have you ever thrown a coin in a fountain while an ancient god severely looks at you? Here you can! A gigantic marble Neptune on a shell-like-charriot led by sea-horses driven by Tritons blowing a shell. A huge travertine rocky environment. Water-falls everywhere, directly coming to Rome by an ancient Roman acqueduct built over 2000 years ago. “Three coins in the fountain” was a movie and a song. This is the real thing: Trevi Fountain, the most beautiful one in the world.
  • The Pantheon (inside)
    A magic ancient round temple converted into a Chirsitan church. The most impressive self-standing concrete dome of the world. An “oculus” for the sun to shine inside the monument. A perfect asronomical orientation. One of the few monuments from the Ancient Roman Empire that still stands perfectly preserved after 1900 years. The Pantheon is a unique experience, a time travel, the best way to understand the glorious engineering skill of the ancient world. By far our favourite monument in the world.




  • spanish_stepsThe Spanish Steps
    Climb the most famous steps of the world and enjoy a super-romantic panoramic view of the Roman roof gardens. Have a seat on one of the steps while eating an ice-cream or drinking a beer (yes, in Rome you can drink a beer outdoor!). Spend half-an-hour admiring the brave moltitude of compulsive shoppers running from a store to another to buy the products made by the best Italian and French fashion designers.

  • The “Barcaccia” Fountain (Piazza di Spagna)
    A strange marble wonderful “ugly boat” (this the litteral meaning of the name “Barcaccia”) sunk into the ground in the middle of the most trendy fashion district of Rome: Piazza di Spagna. From there you can climb the hyper-famous Spanish Steps, you can walk along Via dei Condotti (to spend all your money doin shopping in Prada, Bulgari, Gucci, Armani and many many other stores) or walk to Piazza del Popolo, the “entrance gate of Rome”. 
  • The Fountain of the Four Rivers (Piazza Navona)
    Even in the worst moment of his endless career, Bernini was able to produce a masterpiece. Four gigantic marble rivers to symbolize the world. Wild animals coming out from dark caves. Water spurts everywhere. One of the most splendid fountains of the world in the most splendid square of Rome: the Fountain of the Four Rivers.




  • cancelleria_palacePalazzo Farnese (outside)
    One of the most imposing palaces of Rome (Palazzo Farnese) built for one of the most influencing men of his time (Pope Paul III Farnese) by several artists, including the most famous one (Michelangelo). Even beyond art, this wonderful building hides intriguing stories of power, money and corruption. 
  • Palazzo della Cancelleria (inside)
    This palace was built over 500 years ago by cardinal Riarius. Who was he? The great cards player that was able to win in a single night money enough to build this amazing palace. The art expert that called Michelangelo to Rome for a meeting, after the artist tried to defraud him. And several other amazing stories involving Leonardo da Vinci, the Sacred Romana Rota and the race for the Pope’s crown.

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