Vatican Extended Tour


Vatican Extended Tour

89 € per person

- small group max 8 people

119 € per person

- totally private tour

entrance tickets included

skip-the-line included

duration: 4 hours

starting times: 9.00AM and 13.30PM

The Tour Includes

Sistine Chapel & Michelangelo


Pio-Clementino Archaeological Museum


Galleries of Candelabra, Tapestries and Maps

Pinecone Courtyard

St.Peter's Basilica & Square

Rapahel's School of Athens

Raphael's Rooms (not included in the 3 hours tour)

- booking for minimum 2 persons

- customer care service to help you during the booking process

- professional English speaking guides

- pay at the end of the tour (no pre-payments required)

Tour Extended Description

Sistine Chapel

  • Pope Julius II and Michelangelo
    The best friends and worst enemies of the Renaissance. A great Pope and a unique artist produced the most famous frescoes of the world: the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Give the fruit to Eve in Michelangelo’s Garden of Eden. Run up to the mountain to escape from the Great Flood. Watch God creating the Sun or dividing the sky and the ocean. More impressive than an Hollywood movie. More overwhelming than a Sunset at the North Pole. The highest peak of the Italian Renaissance.
  • Pope Sistus IV and Botticelli
    Michelangelo was a Genius but he was only 6 years old when Pope Sistus IV was looking for super talented painters to cover the Sistine Chapel walls. This is why his choice fell on Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Perugino, Pinturicchio, Signorelli and other great painters of the Renaissance. Follow the list of the first 30 Popes of the Christianity, listen to Moses reading his own testament. Look at Jesus fighting the Devil’s temptations. Travel with Moses through Egypt.

Vatican Museums

  • Vatican_Museums_Tour_Gallery_Maps_1Pinecone Courtyard and the Pius-Clementine Museums
    Admire the imposing ancient Bronze Pincone and the colossal head of Augustus. Be shocked by the nudity of Venus, Hercules, Bacchus, Apollo and many other gods (we are in the Pope’s Palace!). Be inspired by the Belvedere Apollo and the Lacoont, two of the most famous ancient stautes of the world. Read “Apollonios” signature written on the Belvedere Torso, the statue that inspired Michelangelo more than any other. Take a picture of the gigantic Hercules, the only ancient bronze stuatue survived in the Vatican collection.
  • The three Galleries
    First of all, a gallery filled with wonderful ancient marble urns and statues: walk over the marble geometries and under the amazing frescoed vault of the Gallery of Candelabra. Secondly, a gallery whose walls are covered by the most beautiful Flemish textiles ever: be shocked by the body of Jesus that always faces you while you walk in the Galleries of Tapestries. Third, fly above Renaissance Italy: from Sicily to Venice, from Rome to Florence, in the unequalled Gallery of the Maps.

St.Peter's Basilica & Square

  • Vatican_Tour_St.Peter's_Basilica_3St.Peter’s Basilica
    Bramante, Sangallo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Fontata, Maderno, Bernini, Borromini, Caravaggio. The Renaissance and Baroque artists of Italy gave their contribution to make St.Peter’s Basilica the most impressive, monumental, valuable, overwhelming church of the world. Be impressed by the perfection of Michelangelo’ s “Pietà”, one of the most famous marble artworks ever made. Feel like being a small grain of sand walking in front of the monumental bronze Canopy made by Bernini or looking up to the majestic Dome designed by Michelangelo himself.
  • St.Peter’s Square
    284 travertine colums surround the most famous gathering place of the world. Wait for the white smoke coming out from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. Look at the balcony while a cardinal is announcing the name of the new Pope after the Conclave. Feel sad while walking in the area where the earliest Christian martyrs of Rome have been crucified by the Emperor Nero almost 2000 years ago. Be astonished by the unbelievable crowd (about 3 million people!) silently praying in the square during the funerals of Pope John Paul II.

Raphael Rooms (not included in the Standard 3 hours tour)

  • Raphael Rooms
    The most talented young painter and the most powerful old Pope of the Renaissance: Rapahel and Julius II made a miracle in the Pope’s apartments known as Rapahel Rooms. Follow the Emperor Constantine in his conversion to Christianity. Stop Attila the Hun while invading Italy. Talk about Philosophy with Plato and Aristotle in the School of Athens. And bet on the most famous contest ever: Raphael vs Michelangelo.

Your guide: Simone

  • professional local guide
  • 10 years of experience
  • a PhD in Archaeology
  • great reviews for his kids friendly and family friendly tours



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