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we are made to work together!


Hi, my name is Simone Lanna.

  • I am a tour guide of Rome and the Vatican.
  • I have a “Government license” to do it (that card around guides’ neck that guarantees we studied a lot and we can enter museums for free…cool!) and I got it almost 10 years ago.
  • I don’t use flags and sticks during my tours.
  • I have a PhD in History, a Master in Archaeology and… all these boring things that made my Mum super proud of me! My Dad is still trying to understand what a PhD is…I love him! is my website.
It means that I will try to do personally all the tours you book here.
In case I will not be available, I know at least 30 local guides being as good as I am (ok…maybe I am a little better…but don’t tell them!).
So, in any case, I can 100% guarantee a top-level tour experience!

If you want to know more about me, read my Tripadvisor reviews and my “serious profile” below.


Enjoy your tour!



9 reasons to book a tour with Simone


  • 1) I am a PhD Archaeologist…what’s better than a professional scholar to guide you?


  • 2) But don’t worry: I am very entertaining!


  • 3) And we’ll have a lot of fun together!


  • 4) My tours are perfect for all the agesKids and Granpa are very welcome!


  • 5) And I run tours with every climate…come rain or shine


  • 6) I guided many Very Important Persons…if James Hetfield (Metallica), Kanye West and Little Steven (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band) trusted me, why can’t you do it?


  • 7) Anyway: I play guitar better than them! eh eh…


  • 8) And I travel myself a lot, so I know how you feel


  • 9) Least but not last: I am a true Roman, born in Rome, grown in Rome. I know my city like the inside of my own pockets, because I did not study it….I lived Rome!